Nanny Samui Island

Your child is safe in good hands and have tender loving care

Terms and Conditions

Every company will have his terms and conditions. Please read carefully all the details written here. But don't worry, it will still be a friendly gesture to you :-)


  • Full payment of the service and the rental equipment will be done when the work start.
  • The rate is based on maximum 3 children per nanny.
  • Payment has to be done in Thai Baht. If you want to pay in foreign currency then we charge a fee of 3%
  • Hourly rate is for the minimum of 3 hours.
  • Weekly periods are for 6 days a week. The 7th day is off for the nanny.
  • Daily rate is maximum 8 hours. Extra hours count as overtime.
  • Overtime hours will be paid directly to the nanny.
  • Overtime is THB.200 per hour.
  • Overtime will be calculated as this. Every 15 minutes will be counted.
  • There will be no refund. Some refund occurs when there is a good reason
  • When damaging the equipment we will be charging you for the damages.
  • If the damage is no repairable then we charge the money to replace the equipment for the full 100%.
  • Provide for the nanny 1 time a day a normal meal. Or give her money to bring food by her own. The Hotel food is very expensive to pay by our nanny.
  • Driving in the rain on Koh Samui can be dangerous, so don’t get worried if your nanny is not on time during heavy rainfall.
  • Thai women are from nature shy.
  • So, don’t touch a Thai person. Especially on the head.
  • Don’t point your feet towards Thai people. This is very rude.
  • Treat everybody in a polite way.
  • Always provide food and drinks for the children.
  • Don’t take the nanny on ‘dangerous’ trips. The chance that they get wounded or worse is possible.
  • If you want the nanny to follow you on her own transportation, then we charge THB.300 for gasoline per trip.
  • Don’t take nannies on a boat trip. Normally it’s not a good idea because Thais are not great sea people.
  • If there is any doubt of theft, or abuse then we will inform the police.
  • This will occur if it is done by the nanny or by the customers.
  • If you think your nanny did a good job then if you wish you can give the nanny a tip on the end of the job. A good tip for the nanny would be THB.500 or more. She will appreciate the gesture very much.